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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. #DVAM2023.

Not all domestic violence is physical
It also includes:

Emotional and psychological abuse, Financial and Economic Abuse, Coercive and Controlling behaviours, Sexual Coercion, Verbal Abuse, Stalking and Harrassment, Legal Abuse and none of this leaves any bruises or broken bones.

When I self-published my story in May 2022, it was for three reasons.

1. To raise awareness of hidden emotional and psychological abuse in intimate relationships.

2. Highlighting the gaps in the laws that often fail women. As a warning to unmarried couples especially women who become or are financially dependent on their partners.

3. For information and educational purposes signposting to helpful resources.

Readers will discover

2 Resources for keeping a record of bullying & abusive incidents.

Writing as a way to heal – Letters to the ex – Letters to the other women

40 Signs of Emotional Abuse

4 Steps to Release Anger & Resentment

5 Ways to Recover & Heal

Self-Published Author

I published it under my pen name Loren Keeling. Changing the names of the various significant people in the story, as well as the names of the solicitors involved. To protect the individuals but allow me to tell the truth of the situation that I experienced.

I also researched the legal implications in Spain and in the UK and my findings might shock some people. Women are often failed when they report domestic abuse, they are failed by police, lawyers, social services, judges and justice systems. It is not just in Europe, this happens in many countries across the world, irrespective of social class or educational attainment.

I never ever thought that I would be given legal advice to file a Gender Violence complaint against my former partner. Or that in doing so I would be failed by the system that is meant to support women in these situations.

The Idea To Write My Story

When I had the idea to write my story on the night that the ex-partner terminated the relationship none of what unfolded had taken place. I had in fact voiced my idea to him that very night on August 27th 2020.

Not only did he end the relationship in a time of Covid lockdown he offered “financial security” and then pulled the rug from under me within two weeks of leaving me in our Spanish home when I had no income, no job, and I was experiencing emotional trauma.

Own Your Journey, Own Your Story,

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It’s not over yet.

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