Mindset, Money, Success is hosted by Digital Entrepreneur, Author, Blogger and YouTuber, Loraine Marshall, and offers a mix of controversial content. Covering topics such as – Hidden emotional abuses in intimate relationships. Infidelity and betrayal. Narcissistic abuse and methods of recovery and healing. Toxic relationships and the effects on your self-confidence and self-esteem and physical and emotional health. As well as opportunities to gain financial independence. I want to help educate and empower other women to grow, develop and transform, learn more, earn more, do more, and be more to set themselves up for success.

Including discussions and chats on:-
Post-separation abuses and how to stay safe and resources that can help.
Economic and financial abuse and how to recover and rebuild.
Healing from trauma, debt recovery, and how to start on your own journey to MSRIs or multiple sources of recurring income that will give you more financial security and financial independence than being an employee or being dependent as a housewife and mother.

Self-Published My First Creative Non-Fiction Book.
Pen Name Loren Keeling
Available on Amazon and Digital Bookstores.