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A little about me. 
I retired as a Property Management business owner in 2016 after a decade running my business in the NE of England before I moved to live a new life in Spain with dreams of having an online business and eventually  becoming fully retired and living a good life with my then partner.

That dream shattered during August 2020 after the abrupt termination of an eleven relationship. At 59 years of age and while still in Covid restrictions I found myself living alone in Spain as a foreigner. Worse still I had to come to terms with the realisation that the whole eleven year relationship was a lie. I had unwittingly been the victim of emotional, psychological an sexual abuses.  A hidden form of domestic abuse where the target knows that things are not quite right in the relationship, but often makes excuses, or ignores behaviours, and remains in the relationship thinking it will all come right again. 

I have now experienced what I refer to as the three D's in relationship endings. Divorce. Death of a partner.  Plus an abrupt and sudden "Discard" by a long term partner. 

[Loraine Marshall]

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